Fly Seward offers a full line of flight training, from introductory flights, to private pilot and commercial ratings, to endorsements and flight reviews. Contact us to discuss your goals!


  • Flight instruction (ground instruction, flight instruction in our airplane, and flight instruction in your airplane): $60/hour
  • Hourly wet (includes fuel) rate in our Cessna 150 (in addition to the above flight training rate if dual training): $130/hour
    • Pre-purchase 10 hours and receive $10 off per hour: $120/hour
    • For solo flights/rental, you will need to obtain non-owned insurance (we can help, it’s easy!)
  • Introductory flights – 1 hour of flight training on the ground, and 1 hour of flight time: $150


  • Private pilot
  • Commercial pilot
  • Flight reviews
  • Tailwheel endorsements (in your own plane)
  • Complex endorsements (in your own plane)
  • High Performance endorsements (in your own plane)
  • Float instruction (in your own plane)
  • Insurance checkouts/requirements
  • Bush flying
  • Mountain flying
  • Alaska flying
  • Gravel/off airport flying
  • Custom training to meet your goals
Off airport training on beaches
N4795X practicing short/gravel field take offs and landings at Quartz Creek (JLA)
Off airport training on frozen lakes
Mountain flying over the Kenai Fjords
Off airport training on gravel
Winter ski training